Family Law Services

Advice for when the Law is Personal.

Family Law always involves strong emotions because the results impact your family in a personal way.  As experienced family law attorneys, our job is to help you make smart decisions at times when your emotions are getting in the way of clear judgement.  Our family law attorneys will guide you through your personal situation, whether it is a divorce, separation, child custody, support & visitation matter or modification of a prior court order. 

Our knowledge of the law and compassion for our clients translates into superior legal representation.  


Family Court Mediation

Want more control and less stress in your Divorce?

You may be divorcing, but you will always be a family. 

 I am convinced that after a marital breakdown: the utilization of a collaborative mediation process in which a certified mediator facilitates the parties to reach as peaceful and positive as possible (G*d forgive me for using this term!) conscious uncoupling that meets your family's particular needs will be far less toxic and thus a much better place from which to start your family's new reality; as opposed to a War of the Roses litigation type model where both sides may end up farther apart and entrenched in strong negative emotions/positions that ultimately may not be what is best for the "family".

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution conducted in a private, voluntary, confidential manner.  A neutral party (The certified Family Court Mediator) helps the parties find a solution that is agreeable to both parties and  often allows the parties to reach solutions that are for more creative and flexible than those meted out by the court.  

Mediation allows one to:

     * Keep control over the outcome

     * Stay as amicable as possible

     * Reach your OWN settlement based on what works for your unique family 

        situation and what YOU both believe to be fair and equitable.         

     * Often times it is far less costly than litigating these issues. 


A Successful Mediation decreases the potential for hard feelings and increases the chances that the parties can maintain an ongoing relationship that benefits their children.  

Experts agree that the Divorce's impact on children can be lessened when parent's work through conflicts themselves, rather than relying on Court Decrees. 

Twelve years following a divorce, fathers who mediated remained more involved in their children's lives than fathers who litigated (Joan B. Kelly, 2004).

Maureen Coffey is a South Carolina Supreme Court Certified Family Court Mediator