Corporate Governance

CoffeyKubec Assists Business Organizations With Their Governance


Corporate governance issues are a major consideration for organizations. CoffeyKubec advises corporate officers, management, directors, shareholders and investors about corporate governance issues, regulatory compliance and similar matters. Our attorneys provide corporate governance advice to not only publicly-held business but also to privately owned firms and nonprofit organizations that have decided to adopt the stricter standards of corporate governance and internal controls and procedures adopted by public businesses. 

Our clients receive advice on matters of fiduciary responsibility of directors and officers, disclosure issues, financial reporting, management succession and compensation, board composition and structure, conflict of interest and change of control matters and corporate governance requirements. CoffeyKubec can assist corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships in formulating and implementing practices and procedures to help ensure that governance crises do not develop and we advise companies on developing and implementing internal programs to educate officers, owners and employees in all aspects of compliance. 

If a legal emergency does arise, we are also experienced in advising clients in crisis management and in formulating and implementing practical and cost-effective solutions. We also advise clients on conducting internal investigations and defend companies in government investigations, criminal prosecutions and civil enforcement actions.

Our Corporate Governance practice proactively assists our clients in optimizing their structural and functional legal positions. Every business is unique, has different personnel and management characteristics and, as a result, each client has different organizational needs and operating challenges. Our firm prepares articles of incorporation, charters and bylaws tailored to each business’ specific corporate and operating specifications and assists the client with its implementation of, and compliance with, the terms of these governing documents.   

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